Airport Services

Mail Center

If a passenger is asked to remove an item from the carry-on bag and leave behind, MailSafe Express can help. It keeps such rejected things and sends it to the location passenger provided.

Lost and Found

If a passenger loses an item at the airport territory, in the shuttle bus, at the parking garage, etc., a visitor must email or call the Portland International Airport's lost and found center and leave the information. Recovered items are being kept at the lost and found center for 30 days.

Telephone: +1 503 460 4040.

At Portland International Airport, there are many ATMs and vending machines available, with snacks and beverages in them. There also are charging stations for devices and free Wi-Fi internet access. At the South section of the terminal, there is a beauty salon, seated massage chairs, and shoeshine stand. For families with children, the terminal provides children playroom. Pre security and Post security, there are gift shops and restaurants available too.