Portland International Airport has one passenger terminal, which consists of north and south sections. Terminal has five concourses and 60 gates. North and South sections are connected with a walkway called "Concourse Connector." Concourse Connector was opened in 2005. Terminal offers many services, such as free Wi-Fi, family area with children's playroom, restrooms, postal services, lost and found service, etc.

Portland is one of the states with no sales tax, so every shop presented at the airport offers tax-free shopping. Stores presented at PDX include Oregon based and national brands, such as Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Powell's Books, Made in Oregon, and so on. Restaurants are serving local dishes as well as national chains.


South Terminal has three concourses: A, B, and C. Concourse A have 14 gates: from A1 to A14. B has four gates: from B1 to B4. Concourse C has 23 gated: from C1 to C23.

North Terminal has two concourses: D and E. Concourse D has 15 gates: from D1 to D15. Concourse E has four gates: from E1 to E4.

In general, there are 60 gates at the passenger terminal.